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Brew-Rite Filter Papers


  • Made by Rockline Industries in the USA


  • AMCRS is the largest importer of filter papers into Australia and New Zealand, and we have handled the Brew-Rite range for over 40 years


  • The Brew-Rite filter papers are eco-friendly being oxygen whitened, not chlorine bleached


  • The Brew-Rite range includes cone-style filters for pour-over "Chemex" style brewers and "V60" drippers, cone-style filters for domestic filter coffee brewers, and flat-bottomed filters for commercial filter coffee brewers of any size


  • We can supply your coffee filters by the packet, by the box, by the pallet, or by the container - whatever best suits you needs


  • We also distribute the popular Original #500 cooking oil filter cones, which are the most economical way to preserve the quality and extend the life of expensive cooking oils 


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