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Cona Siphon Brewers


  • The only true all-glass siphon brewers


  • UK manufacturer Cona began production back in 1910, and over 100 years later they are the only manufacturer producing true all-glass siphon brewers


  • Cona siphon brewers feature a unique glass filter/drainer rod meaning there  is no metal, plastic, paper or cloth components to taint the flavour of the brewed beverage, or to absorb essential flavour oils


  • Two different glass set sizes for different brewing capacities


  • Kitchen Models for brewing on the stovetop


  • Table Models come with methylated spirit burner for brewing at the table


  • Butane burners also available to speed up table brewing


  • Not just for coffee, also perfect for teas and infusions, and can even be used to make soups


  • We have proudly handled the cona brand for over 60 years


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