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Ditting Coffee Grinders


  • Made in Zurich, Switzerland for over 70 years


  • Cool, uniform grinding to suit any brew method


  • Classic, sleek styling and exceptional ease of use


  • Legendary robust reliability and long-lasting construction. We have many grinders still in daily use that are over 40 years of age


  • Simple design allows for easy cleaning and routine maintenance


  • 240V shop grinders - with or without bag-shakers - for retail applications. We recommend the #804/#805 models for low volume outlets, and the #1203 models for medium volume outlets


  • 415V shop grinders - with or without bag-shakers - for high volume retail outlets and wholesale applications


  • KF1403 and KF1800 Industrial models (both 415V) for commercial production situations


  • Long-lasting grinding discs made from special high-speed tool steel. Most grinding disc sizes can be resharpened at the Ditting factory for less than the cost of buying new discs. We recommend having two sets of grinding discs for each grinder, swapping your worn discs out for your resharpened set


  • We are proud to have handled the Ditting brand for over 30 years


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